Monday, May 25, 2009

The New Look of GetAmped Philippines!: GetAmped X

As of May 24, 2009..
This is the new look of GetAmped Philippines!
GetAmped X: Philippines!
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

GetAmped X: The Resurrection

GetAmped X: The Resurrection


Episode 1: A New Sun Rises

On a mountainstop, Noboru sets his eyes on the vast lands he used to roam freely. What used to be a beautiful and majestic GetAmped world is now half-destroyed by the members of the Destroso Clan. The cries of women and children can be heard from afar.

Noboru is aching to run down from the mountain and save as many people as he can. But he knew he will be outnumbered. The Destroso Clan members are patrolling every road and there is no way he can sneak without being detected.

Noboru's hope lies in the words he left his people before he escaped, "I will be at the mountain. Join me and we will fight back." He stares from the GetAmped world to the sky as he prepares for the long wait.

And with one big sighm he prays to the stars for the safety of a dear friend, who is now in the hands of the enemy.

Join me and we will fight back...


Episode 1: Destrosso Reigns
Evil Bob surveys the men standing in front of him. The members of the Destroso Clan are fighting, bloodthirsty and ready to do whatever he commands them.
With one big voice, he praises them for the successful invasion of the GetAmped world.
But he wants more. He wants the head of Noboru, the protector of the GetAmped world.
"Kill Noboru and I will give you everything you desire!" Evil Bob says to his men.
"DESTRRROOOOYY!!" cried the men as they swore to do anything just to have Noboru's blood spilled on the GetAmped world.
As the men yelled, they fail to hear the soft cry of their prisoner, who broke into tears upon overhearing Evil Bob's order to the members of the Destroso Clan.
Kill Noboru and I will give you everything you desire!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

GetAmped Mobile Top Up!

GetAmped Mobile Top-Up!
You can now TOP-UP with the use of your cellphone
Jus text:
Everytime when you TOP-UP with your mobile,
you will get the latest GetAmped Wallpapers on your phone..
PLUS!! 25 Amped Credits

GetAmped Philippines!!

GetAmped will take the 3D online fighting game in a new light with its unique character creation tool, fun and comical fighting style combination options, intuitive features and exciting gaming modes that made it a hit all over Southeast Asia.
From CyberStep and now its here in the Philippines to dominate the 3D Fighting community, With Amped as its game holder it will surely hit the whole Philippines.

Key Features:

Players Can easily communicate with the mail system, a game lobby is also available for the mto chat all the way and ask to battle each other. Get creative with getamped, the skin system will really make your creative sides go wooot! Create and Design your own skin with getamped’s built in Skin editor. Players can also choice a variety of Styles to start with and later on buy one at the shop. Customize your character and make them stronger, with the awesome Gears and weapons made available at the shop! Fight your way to become one of the best. Enjoy the game! And get ready to "GetAmped”.

Basic Characters:

Fighter – Both strong in attack and speed, have cool moves and attacks, good for players who likes rapid pawns.

Military – Specializes on weapons, giving massive damage to opponents, good or players who like long ranged characters.

Superman – As it says “Superman” massive physical damage, the problem is they cant move that fast, good for players who like to pawn with one or two blows!

Esper – The lady of the getamped world, with almost equal stats they are perfect, massive damage when using their special attacks, good for players of all types.

Armor – Armor styles can take up massive damages with its high armor, but its hard to navigate due to its un-balanced stats, good for players who get pawned all the time.

For more styles... Just keep on playing GetAmped!!

Join the Rumble now Register or activate your accounts at

Get Ready To "GETAMPED!"